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Mentoring for Coaches

Grow your skills and confidence as a coach through greater awareness and practice.

Have you been coaching for a while and need to brush up on your skills? Are you getting ready to renew your credential or apply for a new one? Do you want to become the best coach you can be? 

These are all reasons to do mentor coaching. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Mentor Coach, and I love working with coaches. Together, we will establish your goals. Then we will listen to your coaching. You'll have a chance to reflect on what you notice, then we'll look at what you're doing well and what your growth areas are. We'll help you quiet those voices of self-doubt, lean into your strengths, and foster your authenticity as a coach.

Contact me for a complimentary call to explore what mentor coaching looks like for you. Together we'll make a plan.

“Lori provided a supportive space to reflect on the competencies that I am trying to practice and develop as part of the ICF certification process. I highly recommend her to help accomplish professional certification goals!"

– KW, EMCC-Certified Master Coach and Coach Supervisor

"I had the good fortune to work with Lori VanderBilt to complete my mentor coaching for ICF certification.  I found Lori to be a seasoned coach, with excellent listening skills, who gave me specific feedback on how to better align my coaching presence to the ICF core competencies."

– Dan Stahl, CEO, Port of Longview

"During our mentor coaching sessions, Lori’s quietly analytical and highly empathetic approach really moved me to a more professional level of coaching. She helped me work on the concept of scaffolding around a coaching session, bringing me to a place where I could fully embrace it. The shift was a significant confidence booster for me that allowed me to be more present for my clients and more fully participate in discussions with fellow coaches. In essence, using her own coaching skills, Lori helped me bring together the two sides of myself: the intuitive and the analytical. I truly appreciated her incredibly thorough listening, intelligence, deep experience and humor."

– J.L., Global Executive Coach and Consultant

What are the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Requirements?

Mentor Coaching for a coach credential is focused on developing the core competencies and skills required for coaching. If you're ready to apply for your ACC or PCC certification, or if you want to renew your ICF credential, you'll need 10 hours of Mentor Coaching. Seven hours can be in group sessions; three hours must be in individual sessions.  You can schedule as many individual sessions as you need. 

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