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Why do I need a coach? Isn't that what my friends are for?

Coaching blackboard

What a great question. I definitely bounce ideas off my friends and ask them for input on things I’m dealing with in my life. But I wouldn’t want to ask my friends to do what a coach does for me.

A coach listens deeply and is totally focused on me and my goals. She meets with me regularly, tracking with me through my process, offering accountability for the steps I decide to take. When she hears the underlying stuff I’m not saying, she names it and checks it out with me. She helps me remove the blocks that keep me from moving forward. She notices even the small successes and encourages me to celebrate them. And she doesn’t tell me what to do, but supports me as I decide what to try next.

That’s a pretty different role than how I see my friends.

What about you?

Let me know if you want to talk more about coaching.

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