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Experiment of the week: Hot Yoga

I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga, but have been pretty sure I wouldn’t like it. Someone told me that if you are going to a humid climate, hot yoga can help you prepare. We are going to Cambodia this winter, so it was time. The hot yoga teacher had never heard of this theory. She gave me a tour and told me the basics. Then she said I could decide after it was over whether to pay for one class or get the discounted rate for 30 days of unlimited classes.

I’ve been doing regular yoga for 20 years, so I thought it would be a piece of cake.

I tried to stay centered, but it was really hot in there. Here’s a sampling of my thoughts:

“This is like exercising in a sauna.”

“I am feeling claustrophobic.”

“You can do this! Only 35 more minutes!”

“Am I going to have to leave the room? You can do this! Only 30 more minutes.”

The teacher was attentive, noticing when I stopped practicing and inviting me to lie on the floor if needed.

I got really sweaty.

And I made it through and paid for one class. She said, “maybe you can learn to deal with the heat when you’re in Cambodia.”

I consider it a really successful experiment. In coaching, we do experiments all the time. There’s no getting it wrong, we just learn things about ourselves.

Have you been experimenting? Send me a reply and tell me your story about what you tried and how it turned out.

Also, I’m running some great specials on coaching just in time for the holidays. Let me know if you want to hear more.

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