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As a coach, my desire is to help you develop into the person you want to be. I'm inspired by the resourcefulness and creativity of everyone who comes to me for coaching: whether they are accomplished leaders working toward becoming even better at inspiring and motivating their teams, or people handling change with grace as they navigate transitions in their lives or careers.


As an advocate of mindful living and body-centered practices, I facilitate clients in integrating their body, mind, and spirit. This integration leads to greater self-awareness and self-regulation, which are key to personal grounding and effective leadership. I bring 20+ years of experience helping people with behavioral change and greater health and well-being as a coach and former Marriage and Family Therapist as well as expertise in teaching mindfulness-based practices. 

What Will Coaching Do for Me? 

Through coaching, you can develop greater awareness of yourself, including increased body awareness, and tools for self-regulation that contribute to more grounded leadership. You’ll be better able to harness your strengths to move forward in confident and solid ways to be a better leader in your own life as you inspire potential in others. Through highly-customized testing and learning, you’ll experiment with options and come up with iterated next steps towards your goals. 


If you’re a leader who is looking for stronger communication skills, help for you or your team adjusting to challenging changes, a reprieve from isolation, mindfulness tools for better self-awareness, and ways to break down the barriers of limiting beliefs and blind spots, then I invite you to find out how coaching can help. 


Coaching with me can help if you’re in transition, providing support on your trek through the proverbial “wilderness.” We can help bring clarity about your goals and values, which in turn keeps you honest and responsible and gives you the tools to best navigate through unfamiliar territory. I invite you to consider coaching on your journey through job transitions, workplace issues, and lifestyle opportunities, such as addressing questions of middle age or upcoming retirement.


My pivot into coaching came after 20 years of experience helping people with transitions and behavior change as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I also bring extensive life experience as a parent, spouse, group leader and trainer. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation and received Coach Training through the SeattleCoach Training and Development Program. I have an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and am a Certified InterPlay leader.


I am passionate about helping people access and leverage their strengths as they navigate the important transitions in their lives. I am a lifelong learner, and always strive to deepen my life and relationships. I live in Seattle with my husband where we love spending time with our adult children and our friends. I enjoy yoga, daily walks, learning Spanish, hiking, kayaking, travel, and volunteering for a variety of organizations.


Here's how it works. You let me know you'd like to schedule a confidential, complimentary coaching conversation on the phone in which we get acquainted, and then you experience me coaching you. After that, we decide whether to move forward to schedule the first session. I work with most people remotely using the video conferencing application called Zoom. This allows me to see clients from all over the U.S. I also meet in person with some clients in the Seattle area who prefer that. You can count on me to show up and be straightforward with you as we get started on this coaching journey together.

I have met with people for a few sessions and in some cases for multiple years. Clients get the best results if they commit to sessions for at least 4-6 months.


My services include:

  • Individual coaching

  • Group facilitation and workshops. As a Certified InterPlay Leader, I plan custom workshops using the body wisdom tools and forms of InterPlay, as well as training coaches in body wisdom and "somatic noticing." 

  • Workshops on topics such as productivity, transitions, communication, grief and loss, stress reduction

Comment from workshop participant:

"Lori VanderBilt is such a wonderful group leader. Her competence and organization helped me feel comfortable and relaxed as a participant. She led us in such a variety of fun and meaningful activities, and she encouraged everyone, young and old. I feel blessed every time I can participate in a workshop she leads."

--Lynne Baab PhD, Author and Teacher

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The best way to understand the benefit of coaching is to experience it for yourself. Please contact me for your complimentary session.